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Academic Startup Competition winners learn how to do business in Silicon Valley

From 9 February to 5 March 2021, ten Dutch startups – founded by students and staff of Dutch universities and university medical centres – will take part in the Digital Mission West Coast USA. The West Coast region is home to the leading universities Stanford and Berkeley, as well as startup valhalla Silicon Valley. During the mission, the startups will learn about the latest developments in their specialist field and be shown the ropes of doing business and pitching in the United States by experienced entrepreneurs.
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Revealed: The Top 10 most groundbreaking academic startups in NL

The ten winners of the prestigious Academic Startup Competition 2020 have been named as Bimini Biotech, DeNoize, Digi.Bio, IamFluidics, Kaminari Medical, Lusoco, NC Biomatrix, Taylor, uCrowds and VanBoven. The 10 winning startups can use the title ‘Best Academic Startup of 2020’ for the coming year.
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Get to know one of the 10 Academic Startup Competition winners 2020! taylor: a short introduction

taylor is a company that lowers solar PV system costs by providing technology for the next generation of smart modules.
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