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Get to know one of the 10 Academic Startup Competition winners 2020! 
taylor: a short introduction

The Association of Universities in the Netherlands, the Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation, and have nominated 20 academic startups from 57 contenders to compete in the finals of the second edition of the Academic Startup Competition. The jury has now selected the best 10 startups: the winners of the ASC 2020! Among the winners is taylor, a company that lowers solar PV system costs by providing technology for the next generation of smart modules.

The level of the competitors was very high this year, and the most ground-breaking and innovative academic startups were selected to be the ‘Best academic startup in the Netherlands’. These startups are responsible for state-of-the-art and ground-breaking innovations in various fields, including Life Sciences, Health, High Tech, Energy, Logistics and Agri-Food. taylor is one of the winners in the Energy field.

Innovative solar micro-electronics
taylor develops and supplies innovative solar micro-electronics that improve the energy yield of solar cells by up to 10%. This innovation also saves on electrical equipment and installation of up to 35%.
The most efficient and sustainable way of producing solar energy is integrated in our immediate environment, but with integrated solar cells, however, shade and aging cause significant energy losses. taylor’s innovation offers a solution for this.

The next generation in module-level power electronics
The company introduces the next generation in module-level power electronics; the taylor integrated cell-string optimizer. Commercial-scale PV installations are now safer and quicker to design, construct, and maintain, whilst providing a higher return on investment. taylor supplies her products directly to solar module manufacturers to be integrated within the module’s junction box.

taylor is a spin-off from Eindhoven University of Technology and works closely with TNO, Solliance, Solarge, and high-tech production partners. The company is founded by Rein Westerdijk and Michiel Roelofs. Now that they are one of the winners of the Academic Startup Competition 2020, they are looking forward to accelerate their business and to participate in the unique program of ASC that will give them a lot of new opportunities.

Welcome taylor, great to have you with us!