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The ASC Support Program

For the 20 winners of the competition support program is available in the first 6 months of 2024 focusing on three challenges: 1. the transition from a scientific mindset to an entrepreneurial mindset, 2. the translation of your BHAG into your company culture and 3. building the best core and extended team. Besides this program you will have access to a variety of services. 


Support program

At the start of the support program you will be interviewed by one of our experts to deep dive into the challenges that you face and identify the steps you can make during the ASC support program. After the kick-off you will join challenge based sessions in which you will receive the knowledge and insights to overcome these challenges. 

Challenge 1: mindset transition

Shifting your mindset from thinking like a scientist to thinking like an entrepreneur, to step outside of your comfort zone and talk about your solution, whilst it is not near perfection. Is one of the most challenging hurdles academic founders face. During this session you will have the chance to talk to investors, experts and experienced founders on this topic on why it is so important to make a mindset switch and how to navigate this for yourself.

Challenge 2: daring to think BIG

What would you do if you had an unlimited amount of money? Daring to think beyond the scientific discovery you made or the practical application of, but of the value proposition of it and the size of the impact you can make, is crucial for any entrepreneur but also difficult. During this session you will speak with investors, experts and experienced founders on why it is important to dare to think BIG, and how to do it. 


Challenge 3: building your team

Who do you need to reach your goals? Building your academic requires more than strong scientific knowledge. You need a well balanced team, with different and sometimes conflicting personalities. How do you find the right balance and why is this important? During this session you will speak with investors, experts and experienced founders on building the right team. 

The ASC services

To support your journey to overcome these three challenges, during the ASC support program you will be offered additional services connected to each challenge, and an assignment after each session, which you have to complete by making use of the services you will find below.

Challenge 1: mindset transition

To tackle this first challenge we will provide you with a national stage through the techleap network. Additionally  you will receive:

  • A high quality promotional video
  • Newspaper exposure
  • Media coverage
  • Joining techleap on the road to interact at events such as State of Dutch Tech

By providing you with these communication and networking opportunities, you will be put in a position where your mindset will change from a researcher to an entrepreneur. 

Challenge 2: daring to think BIG

To tackle this second challenge we will help you go BIG! You will receive the opportunity to:

  • network and connect at Hello Tomorrow (Paris). The event for BIG thinkers in deeptech
  • you will get access to the techleap “connector” meet & match event. Where you will connect with international VC’s and learn how they like to think BIG
  • You will also have the opportunity to join us an an ecosystem trip to the USA. A country where you go BIG or go home. 

Challenge 3: building your team

To tackle this third challenge, and have you find the people you need and build / expand your all star team. You will receive the following additional services:

  • a thorough team assessment by a specialised agency
  • Executive recruitment support
  • Access to Global Campus to find the best scientific experts for your scientific board

By providing you with these services you will obtain the knowledge you need to create the team to accelerate your startup into the next phase. 

The asc timeline

 The official kick-off of the ASC will be during the UN-limited event on 29th of September. From this point it is possible to sign up!

The competition will be held in Q4 -2023

  1. Step 1: Video Pitch     14 November
  2. Step 2: Q&A’s             24 November
  3. Step 3: P2P sessions  14 December

The winners will be announced before the Christmas break!

The support package (aka the prices) will be organised between 22 January 2024 – 11 June 2024.