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Get to know one of the 10 Academic Startup Competition winners 2020! 
DeNoize: a short introduction

After the announcement of the 20 nominated academic startups of the second edition of the Academic Startup Competition, the jury has selected the best 10 startups. They left behind 47 contenders that were nominated by the Association of Universities in the Netherlands, the Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation and We introduce to you one of the 10 winners: DeNoize, a company that developed an active noise cancellation technology which integrates inside a window frame to rule out the outdoor noise in real-time.

The level of the competitors was very high this year, and the most ground-breaking and innovative academic startups were selected to be the ‘Best academic startup in the Netherlands’. These startups are responsible for state-of-the-art and ground-breaking innovations in various fields, including Life Sciences, Health, High Tech, Energy, Logistics and Agri-Food. DeNoize is one of the winners in the High Tech field. 

Cancelling outdoor noise in real-time
DeNoize, a TU Delft startup, is a technology that can transform any glass window into a smart system to rule out the outdoor noise in real-time, offering up to 90% reduction in the transmitted noise. The smart façade can sense, filter and amplify the sounds of nature (e.g. birds, rainfall, etc.), creating an optimized indoor environment for offices and living spaces. With this technology, DeNoize enables the future of real-estate with higher comfort and a healthier living environment.

Noise pollution as second biggest health risk in metropolitan cities
The company was founded in 2018, by Aman Jindal and Olivier Schevin. They developed the technology as an answer to noise pollution being the second biggest health risk in metropolitan cities according to the World Health Organisation. In Europe, 31 million people suffer the ill-effects of outdoor noise. It is common knowledge that windows are the weakest link in a building facade, transmitting a majority of the noise from outdoors to indoors. Currently, the only alternative is to use thicker or multi-layered glass leading to material waste and higher cost of the buildings.

The DeNoize technology improves the acoustic insulation of flat glass products, without adding any extra weight or materials, making it cheaper and more effective than the existing solutions. The company is thrilled to be one of the 10 winners in the Academic Startup Competition that enables them to accelerate the growth and scalability of their business and will give them the opportunity of moving on from startup to scale-up. 

Welcome onboard team of DeNoize!