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Get to know one of the 10 Academic Startup Competition winners 2020! 
Bimini Biotech BV: a short introduction

From 57 contenders, the Association of Universities in the Netherlands, the Netherlands Academy of Technology and Innovation, and have nominated 20 academic startups to compete in the finals of the second edition of the Academic Startup Competition. Now, the jury has selected the best 10 startups. Among the winners is Bimini Biotech BV, a company that develops innovative therapeutic strategies for oncology.

The level of the competitors was very high this year, and the most ground-breaking and innovative academic startups were selected to be the ‘Best academic startup in the Netherlands’. These startups are responsible for state-of-the-art and ground-breaking innovations in various fields, including Life Sciences, Health, High Tech, Energy, Logistics and Agri-Food. Bimini Biotech is one of the winners in the Life Sciences and Health field.

Bimini Biotech, an innovative spin-off of the Utrecht University Medical Centre, develops therapeutic strategies that target the growth hormone receptor (GHR) and its interaction with insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1) for oncology, metabolic diseases and ageing. They do this through a unique mode-of-action. The startup was selected based on their innovative character and importance of this technology.

Pre-clinical stage
Bimini Biotech, led by CEO Digvijay Gahtory, was established at the end of 2019, based on the breakthrough research performed by the group of Prof. Ger Strous, after showing promising effects in several cancer types with their lead compound BM001. The company is currently in its pre-clinical stage, aiming to bring the compound towards the clinic.

The company has a team with a combination of young ambitious entrepreneurs, renowned scientific leaders and seasoned business experts. They are very happy to be one of the winners in the Academic Startup Competition and looking forward to the special workshops, the major national and international network of experienced entrepreneurs and researchers which will help to accelerate their business.

Great to have you onboard team of Bimini Biotech!