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Academic Startup Competition 2022:
What's Next?

After 3 months of scouting for the most promising Dutch academic startup companies, the registration deadline is closed. With over 120 registrations, this year’s applicants are from a very broad spectrum, leading from deep-tech, to SDG-focused, to social startups.


All applicants have until the 1st of September to fill out all the forms on Mentorjam. When the forms have been filled out correctly and a startup meets all of the criteria, they are officially participating in the competition.

After a concise selection procedure, the top 20 startups will be announced on the 9th of September. These 20 startups will be invited to the events of this year’s ASC.


The events consist of: The Inspiration Event on the 21st of September at the Erasmus Enterprise in Rotterdam. On this day, the competitors will receive pitch training sessions and get to witness inspiring speakers in order to get them ready for the Grand Finale.

On the 4th of October, the Grand Finale will be held at the Rotterdam Science Tower. The 20 finalists will do their pitch in front of an esteemed jury and distinguished guests. During this day, the jury will select the 10 winners of the Academic Startup Competition 2022.

The 10 winners will receive a tailor-made business trip to the USA provided by the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy.


Academic Startup Competition 2022

The Academic Startup Competition looks for startup companies that are linked to the world of academia. We provide a stage for academic entrepreneurs from all fields. Leading from deep-tech, to SDG-focused, to social startups.

The ASC aims to valorize academic startups in their respective fields, whilst also wanting to connect them with startups from other fields. Sharing skills, knowledge and expertise is why we want to include various and diverse organizations into our network. We do this by giving national and international recognition to academic startups that provide innovative solutions to global challenges.

This year’s grand prize, the tailor-made business trip to the USA, is the optimal way of connecting the Dutch and American startup ecosystem, which are among the two highest ranked in the world.